Our store

Prize games, photo booth, cute merch, Asian specialty snacks, ramen, and drinks.

Have fun with our variety of claw machines with adorable prizes - plushies, keychains, as well as gashaphon "gacha" (prize balls) machines.

Enjoy some Asian specialty snack, drinks, and ice creams. There's also a ramen bar where you can buy, make and enjoy your own ramen.

Grab a pose and strike some poses in our photo booth! We have green screen backdrop so you can choose different backgrounds.


It's all started when we were driving home and our 2 kids came up with a great business idea. "Let's open a claw machine store", they said. "Also sell some super cute stuff.. we also should serve snacks, drinks, and photo booth". So we thought... that's such an awesome idea. We've already been spending hundreds if not thousands of dollars at other claw machine places and other cute hobby retail stores.

6 months later.. Kawaii House opened :)

Our Goal

Our goal is to share happiness and joy to the community. 
We needed some new and exciting things to do in Murrieta.

As local Murrietans, we sure hope that our store will flourish and more importantly,
help create lots and lots of good and happy memories for all of our customers!